How to obtain a successful Newsletter

No matter how well written or structured, a newsletter is always left to the user’s appreciation. This may sound very familiar when it comes to marketers and online promoters. Although there is a bit of an odds game going on with this particular method of targeting and spreading information, some things can be done in your favor. Following our personal experience, we would like to share with you some tips that will boost the efficacy of your newsletter.

Therefore, this is what you can do to create a piece of work that people will want to read:

Adopt a balanced content structure

We know how important it is to promote your products. What we are actually referring to when we use the word “balanced”, is the natural tendency to focus more on the promotional side of your newsletter, rather than the educational one. Well, in fact, promotional content should only count for 10% of your newsletter. 

Let’s pretend that you receive two e-mails per week from the same beauty shop. Let’s also pretend that you actually open both of them. Wouldn’t you lose your interest after reading about their promotions and services over and over again? It works just the same with newsletters. People want to buy, but they also need to know what or why they are buying. Make sure you provide users with relevant and useful information rather than getting into a chain of never-ending self-promotion. Remember: 10% promotion, 90% educational content.

Pay more attention to your subject lines

This is the part of your newsletter where you must get creative. The subject of your e-mail is the first thing your users will see, and the main reason behind that click we all hope for. Keep it simple but complex. You don’t need a huge phrase to attract someone’s attention. A short but catchy subject line will do the job better than you think.

These are some very successful examples:

⏰ Are you In or Out?

Yep, that just happened…

Since we can’t all win the lottery…

So I’ll pick you up at 7?

Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)

Seriously. We’d like to thank you.

There are various types of newsletter subject intent: urgency, offers, curiosity, etc. Make sure you choose the adequate language depending on the purpose of your newsletter. The faster the reader has access to the information that really counts, the more chances there will be for him/her to continue reading your newsletter. Have a well-set focus and know exactly who you are targeting.

Don’t exaggerate with CTAs (Call-to-Action)

The only interactive part about a newsletter is the possibility to click on CTAs. Everything else is lecture and image. When we say Call-to-Action we take into consideration everything that has to do with incentives for users to purchase or access websites. Catchphrases, buttons, images with backlinks or even bits of text with redirection towards the mother website. The same as with everything else in this world, too much is too much.

Make sure you reduce your CTAs to the absolute necessities. These should facilitate the user’s search and redirect him towards the page he is looking for. Catchphrases with the intent to push the user towards a purchase can become intrusive if used too many times. Instead, you should focus on one main thing you wish the users to do or subscribe to. Everything else should be mentioned under the shape of ‘if you wish’, ‘if you’d like to’, rather than being persuasive.
Danco Vision hopes this will boost the quality and responsiveness of your newsletter and make sure you stay tuned for more tips and tricks.


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